A Guide To Selling Your House Fast

The housing market is a fickle thing. It seems to move from growth to slump and back again in a never ending cycle. The government takes steps to stimulate, and then calm the market accordingly. It seems that it is one area of the economy that will not run itself. 

Over the last few years, house prices have skyrocketed once again, and those in power are thinking about ways to slow growth in the market. When those measures it, you might find it harder to sell your house than you would now.

The calming measures might include a pause in the Help To Buy scheme and a rise in interest rates. Coupled with even more stringent mortgage qualification criteria than those in place at the moment, it could signal bad new to sellers.

So, If you want to sell up and move before any changes come into effect, here is a guide to selling your house fast.

Use An Estate Agent

It makes sense that you take advice and use the professional services of estate agents in Kings Lynn or anywhere else. They understand the market and are experts in matching buyers to properties. They will advise you in all aspects of the sale; there might be some things that never crossed your mind.

Tidy The Garden

The garden is the first thing people see when they arrive to view your house. Cut the grass and prune trees and bushes to make it look neat and tidy. There is nothing worse than an overgrown and unkempt garden to put a negative first impression in people’s minds.

Property Frontage

It is essential that the entrance to your home is in good condition. The front door says much about you, so if the paintwork is dull and cracked, here is how to rejuvenate it.

Tools you will need. 

  • Paint Scraper
  • Heat Gun
  • Sandpaper
  • Screwdrivers
  • Paint Brush 
  1. Remove the door furniture.
  2. Use a heat gun and a scraper to remove the old paint. It is the most tedious part of the job; take your time and do it well.
  3. Rub the door with sandpaper until it is smooth.
  4. Paint the door with top quality undercoat.
  5. Apply the topcoat. Paint any panels first, and then the framework.
  6. Instal some inexpensive new furniture on the door. You will find some brass effect lacquered pieces in your local DIY store for a reasonable price. 


The gutters do a vital job, but they affect the beauty of the house if they are old or in poor condition. Every fifteen or twenty years, you must replace them because they don’t last forever. They are easy to fit too, just fix some new brackets in place with suitable screws, and then cut the gutters to size. The parts clip together, so you do not need to use any adhesive.

Focus On The Right Rooms

The kitchen and bathroom are the two places that people pay attention to when they view your house.

The cabinet doors in the kitchen are usually a standard size; you could replace them with cheap new ones if you wanted to.

Make sure the sealant around the bath is fresh and clean, and replace it if necessary. You must remove the old silicone carefully with a craft knife and scraper, and apply the new seal using an applicator gun.

Keep the rest of the house spotlessly clean and uncluttered to present it at its best. Hopefully, all of your efforts will attract a buyer quickly, and you can move on to pastures new. It’s easy when you know how!