How To Get The Most Out Of Your Shower Head

Whether you are looking to enhance your showering experience, or just update your bathroom, the shower head can make a huge difference. Once upon a time, they all looked the same, but nowadays the market is huge and is fortunately very competitive as well.

This competitiveness means that not only do consumers have a lot of choice, but most models are completely affordable to the majority as well. In fact, the biggest problem is ciphering through the options and choosing a shower head that works for your property and lifestyle, as we take a look at some of the most popular fixtures that are currently donning the industry.

Single-head Showerheads

The most common of the lot and nowadays, all of them at least allow the user some form of customization. A quick turn of the head can alter the spray from a single, hard flow, to one that is spraying over a much wider area.

While they might be classed as the standard option, there are now countless single-head designs that can at least spruce up your bathroom. However, the big benefit with these shower heads is that that they work seamlessly regardless of the water pressure – meaning that they are suitable for most of the market.

Rain Showers

These have become increasingly popular over the years and can now be described as large heads which spray immediately downwards in a rain-like pattern. The main pull of rain showers is usually the design of the head and anyone who likes the appearance of a large system is likely to be attracted to this type.

Body Sprays

The most advanced system on our list is the body spray. Usually, this is reserved for cubicles and it is exceptionally rare to find this type in your standard shower that sits over the bath.

As the name suggests, body spray showers are designed to target the whole body. This means that there are multiple sprays, positioned both on the walls of the shower and above the user. The water pressure plays a big part in what can be implemented and on a lot of occasions homeowners might have to make radical changes to their system. A booster pump for your home will most likely be required, while it goes without saying that the installation of the fixtures of a body spray is extensive and expensive. However, done correctly, these can transform a bathroom and make for the most effective shower.

Dual Showerheads

This is another type of shower fixture that may require an increase in water pressure, with dual showerheads doing exactly as they say on the tin. More than one showerhead is used, which allows the user to stand under one head before controlling the other with their hand.

Hand-held Showers

The final system this post will look at is a play on the previous one. The name again says everything you need to know about a hand-held showerhead, with users simply showering whilst holding the device. It’s nowadays rare to find this shower head in newer bathrooms, as most users like to have the comfort of the shower doing the work for them. Instead, they are more common in those households where the elderly reside, or for those which have limited mobility which generally makes showering a challenge.