Choosing the Best Vintage Dressing Room Gifts

Vintage gifts for women are becoming more and more popular, with a huge range of options on the market, all offering the exquisite blend of elegance, charm and beauty inherent in the vintage style. Whether you’re buying for a loved one who already has a collection of vintage pieces or you intend to give them their first, there’s plenty to choose from.

Some of the most popular vintage gifts created for the dressing room combine stylish design and practical functionality. While not everyone will have a dressing room (or perhaps enough space in the home to create one), many women have a dressing table in the bedroom. Whether for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary or just as a treat to show how much you care, vintage dressing table accessories are a fantastic choice. There are products and designs available which cater to all tastes and styles, across a huge selection of vintage pieces.

There are some key dressing table pieces which make fantastic gifts:

Jewellery Boxes

One piece most fans of vintage like to display on their dressing tables is jewellery boxes, or decorative storage boxes. These are available in all manner of different styles and sizes, and can be used to store jewellery, trinkets, hair clips and more.

Boxes with two and three drawers offer plenty of room in a compact design. A gorgeous jewellery box can become a central feature on a dressing table, and, of course, women with enough jewellery can have more than one!


What is a dressing table without a mirror? Most will have a larger mirror attached as a key part of the table, but smaller mirrors can also make a great accessory, particularly designs with decorated frames. Ideally, the frame’s colour and design will complement other pieces on the dressing table.

Vintage Perfume

Vintage bottles for perfume make great accessories, providing a touch of timelessly stylish glamour and elegance. There are many different styles available, some in more simplistic designs (clear glass, wooden stoppers) while others feature more intricate decorations and stoppers. When buying these for a gift, fill the bottle with her favourite scent before packaging it carefully.

There are plenty of other options for choosing as gifts beyond the above, including beautiful stationery, brooches, necklaces and teddy bears. Whichever you go for, have it gift wrapped for an extra-special touch.

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