Guide To Bedroom Lighting

A few simple and inexpensive lighting tricks could refresh your bedroom and give it a romantic feel. We explore the possibilities in this blog:

Your bedroom is the most private area of your home, normally available to only a select few people. However, that doesn’t diminish the value of proper bedroom lighting, since the moments you spend in this space will most likely be the ones that matter the most to you.

Your bedroom needs to be a place surrounded with peace and tranquillity, yet sometimes it must become a stage for romance. Like in a Hollywood film, the quickest and most affordable way to control the atmosphere inside your love nest is by adjusting sources of light.

Here is how:

1.    Cover the entire room

You need different light for different occasions, so you want to employ several distinct types of light sources. Central light may be the best option when you want to do something serious after dark, while smaller lamps work much better in more intimate moments. Don’t forget about reading light either – sometimes all you need is a small, but well-directed beam that doesn’t disturb anyone.

Exact number of light sources depends on room size, but it is generally better to give yourself additional options. The lights you don’t use very often can be left without a bulb for a while in order to save on maintenance. You may decide to put them back into action at any time in case you happen to need them.

2.    Convenient controls and angles

There is nothing worse than having to get up and turn the lights off just as you are falling asleep. With all the modern gadgets available, it is possible to set up bedroom lighting in such a way that you never have to reach for the switch. Strategically positioned lamps or neon bulbs can be used for this purpose, or you could simply use a remote control to access main lighting sources from your bed. Don’t forget to install lighting in your bedroom closets– looking for your things in pitch darkness is quite a drag.

Instead of relying on a single overhead source, you may want to consider a combination of several less invasive luminous utilities placed around the room. That way, you can have the entire room well supplied with light, but still keep some flexibility for special occasions.

3.    Add a little visual spice

Finally, your bedroom also needs to be the most romantic place in the house. You can make a huge impact on the ambience with the help of shaded lights or coloured light bulbs, regardless of how other elements in the room look like. Changing the atmosphere and making your bedroom a dreamy place becomes as easy as flipping the switch.

However, seduction is not the only effect that you can achieve. If you like to work in the evening, you can use bright lights for motivation, or you can turn to colder neon lighting to keep you relaxed.

The choice of bedroom lighting must reflect your own life priorities and provide you with adequate backdrop for every situation.