How To Enhance Your Bathroom With A New Mirror

If you are looking for a quick way to brighten up your bathroom buying a new mirror is a great way of doing it. Adding a large mirror to your bathroom can create a new focal point and bring much needed light into what is, in most homes, is a small room. Here are our tips to help you find a good quality mirror at a good price.

Check out what is available

Our first tip is to find out what kinds of mirrors are available. Once you know what is out there you can make an informed choice. You will be able to consider different styles and will get a good idea of how much you should be paying for your new mirror. Better Bathrooms sell a great range of mirrors. This firm sells nothing but bathroom suites, furniture and tiles, so they always have plenty of accessories for you to choose from.

Consider a lighted mirror

If you are buying a new mirror, consider buying one with built in lighting. Not only do these mirrors look great they also bring a little extra light to what can sometimes be a dark room. However, before buying a lighted mirror consider how you will power the light. LED mirrors look great, consume very little electric and some even come fitted with motion sensors that turn the light on when someone enters the bathroom.

Consider a mirrored cabinet

Mirrors are great for a small bathroom. A nice big mirror adds a touch of luxury and makes the bathroom look far bigger, especially if you buy one of the new infinity mirrors. However, if you are short on storage you may be better off buying a mirrored cabinet instead like the ones that are available from betterbathrooms.

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