How You Can Get Good Quality Glazing In A Hurry

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Glazing on the windows is one of the most effective ways of improving the thermal performance in your home. Installing the wrong kind of glass would overheat your rooms in summer, and make them unbearably cold during the winters. This would increase your energy bills and make living uncomfortable. So, if you want to reduce the inconvenience and put up the right kind of glazing on your windows urgently, keep reading this article as we can help you with the selection.

Double Vs Triple Glazing

Gone are the days when you would have to put single panes in your residential windows. In the present times, energy efficiency is a major concern and that is why having double glazing at least is necessary. For triple glazing, a third window pane is added to the double-glazed windows. It is costlier compared to the double glazed ones and the returns on investment are dependent on your property location. You can choose either double or triple emergency glazing depending on the type of winter you experience in your area.

Low-e Coatings Vs Tempered Glass

Low-e coating is a thin metal layer which is applied on one side of the glass during the manufacturing process. Herein, the coating is almost invisible and it aims towards reducing the heat transfer rate through the glass. Generally, the coatings are placed on the inner side of the glass to protect it from different types of weather elements and physical damage.

On the other hand, tempered glass is a smart choice for your windows. They are heated and cooled off quickly during the manufacturing process, which improves their strength.

Choosing The Glass Filling

To get perfect emergency glazing on your windows, the next thing that you would need to choose is the right type of glass filling that is to be present between the panes. Previously, IGUs were filled with air, but they warmed and cooled off according to the season, and their movements also caused warm and cold areas on the top and bottom. However, when the fillings were replaced with less conductive gasses, it helped to reduce heat transfer, which in turn helped to improve the glazing performance. It also came with a low rate of heat transfer. Most IGUs these days are filled with inert gasses like argon and krypton. Agron is more affordable, whereas krypton takes less space and is more effective for triple glazing windows.

It is advised to set up a budget before choosing the right type of glazing for your windows. This would narrow down your choices and you would be able to make decisions faster. Also, ensure to go for renowned companies to get good quality glazings that would last you for long.

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