Some Unique Benefits Of Having Double Glazing

Standard windows allow both noise and heat to pass through them. In summers sunlight heats up all the rooms of your house, and in winters, heat leaves the house easily. You have to pay more for cooling and heating costs. And all year round, noise will disturb you while you relax on your sofa.

On the contrary, double glazing, a sensation in the world of home décor, uses two panes of glass to save energy and reduce noise. A gap is left between the two panes of the glass which dramatically curbs down the transmission of both sound and heat. The double glazed window is often referred to as an insulated glass unit.

Depending upon the price of the double glazed you choose, determines how the gap is filled. In cheaper products, the gap usually is air, but for a higher unit, gas such as argon is used to offer superior performance. Specifically designed to reduce heat loss double glazing windows have more to offer:-

Keeps warm in winter

Double glazing is the perfect form of insulation for houses in winter. It can prevent 60 to 70% of heat loss. Moreover it also captures and stores a considerable amount of heat from the winter sun.

Cooler in summer

The double glazing window is best for you if you live in a location where the temperature reaches so high to be termed as “extreme”. It traps heat from the rays of the sun, minimizing the heat entrance in the house on those sunny days.

Reduces energy usage

Because you don’t have to keep your central heating system in operative mode 24*7 it is sure to save on energy bills and the planet.

Reduces condensation

Condensation can be a headache for homeowners, particularly in older houses, as it causes mildew and mould. In some cases it may rot the timber frame of the window and can also damage your family’s health. Double glazing windows work to reduce excess moisture!

Enhance your asset value

Double glazing is a perfect last minute addition to your house when you decide on selling your house. By having double glazed windows in all the rooms, you can showcase your house to the potential buyers’ with more confidence which is important to ink the best deal.

Interior fading

It reduces the damaging effects of UV light on your house interior stuff such as furniture, carpet, drapes, etc.

Increases security

The double glazing will discourage intruders with bad intentions for security and safety. It will be tough for them to break into your house through the double glazed windows. Hence, perfect add on to the security system of old, new homes, or commercial sites.

Before finalizing the thought of installing double glazing in your house, contact an expert to know whether the project is feasible in your house or not? Ask for advice and quotations. Double glazing is less costly than you think and will make your home a more comfortable and energy-efficient place to live in around year-round.

2 thoughts on “Some Unique Benefits Of Having Double Glazing

  1. Double glazing offers a number of unique benefits that traditional single-pane windows cannot offer. Double glazed windows are more energy-efficient, making your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. They also reduce noise levels by up to 50%, making them ideal for homes near busy streets or airports.

  2. There are a few benefits to having double glazing that you may not have considered. For one, it can help to reduce the amount of outside noise that comes into your home. This is especially beneficial if you live in a busy city or near a construction site. Additionally, double glazing can help to regulate the temperature inside your home, keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

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