Things You Should Know About Fire Rated Doors Before Installation

Fire safety is requisite in every multi-storey building, whether residential or commercial. Owners usually keep the fire extinguisher and other fire safety accessories, but the best way is to get the fire safety doors. They provide unmatchable safety and are reliable even when there are dangerous fire outbreaks.The fire-rated doors restrict the fire in an area and stop it from spreading across the entire building. It gives enough time to people to evacuate and saves property from potential damage. Every builder and the commercial property owner should get these doors to take a step further and add an extra layer of safety against fire outbreaks.

Factors To Consider Before Installing The Fire Safety Doors

If you are planning to install these doors and protect your property from fires, consider the following factors.

Material Used

The material used to make these doors determine its weight and its efficiency in fire safety. The most popular materials are wood, metal and fibreglass; you can choose the one which best suits your requirements. It is ideal to choose a sturdy door that is not too heavy to lift.

Where To Place

Plan where you want to install the doors before going ahead with the installation process. If there is an area in your building that deals with combustible materials, you obviously need a door at the exit of that area. Other than this, you can place a door at the entry of your office suits. For residential buildings, you will find these doors at the fire exits.

Fire Rating

Understand that these doors are not fireproof. They only restrict the fire from spreading for some time. The smoke and the flames will get confined behind these doors, giving enough time to call the firefighters. Hence, you should pay attention to the fire rating of the door. You can ask for how long the doors can restrict the fire and get the doors that are the best fit for your requirements.


When it is about safety, budget is a secondary factor. However, it is vital to do a cost-benefit analysis to make the best purchase. Do extensive research about different materials and fire rating factors and how the cost is related to them. Do not opt for substandard fire rated doors only to cut down the budget.

The safety of the people and the property is a crucial aspect for every owner. Make sure you do thorough research and find the best companies to buy and install the doors, keeping your property and the people safe.

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