Tips For Fitting Out A Small Bathroom

These days there is a great choice when it comes to bathrooms. Shopping for a new bathroom suite, accessories and tiles has never been easier. You can go online, and browse through sites like the betterbathrooms website and quickly find exactly what you are looking for. There has never been a better choice; however, if you have a small bathroom your choices are still limited. This is because many manufacturers do not make bathroom suites for what, for them, is a niche market. However, that does not mean that you should despair and leave your bathroom as it is because it is still possible to fit out a small bathroom and do so in style.

Do your research

The first step is to work out what your options are. Once again, the Better Bathrooms site will come in handy. They sell small and corner baths, as well as compact sinks and toilet and storage combinations that save a lot of space. Importantly, on their website they list all of the dimensions of each item including the height.

Once you have an idea of how big, smaller shower trays, baths and toilets are you can begin to draw up your plan. Using ‘to scale’ cut-outs and a ‘to scale’ plan of the space you have available should allow you to work out if you can make everything you want fit in.

Make good use of corners

We have already mentioned corner baths, and most people know they are available. However, few people realise that you can also buy corner sinks and toilets.

Do not forget storage

It is important to include storage in a small bathroom. Make use of the wall space you have by adding shelving above the sink, bath and toilet.

Add a mirror and good lighting

A good mirror and lighting is very important in a small bathroom. Both can make a small space feel spacious and light.

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