Tips to Keep Hot Tubs in Top Condition

People who are the new owners of a bathtub or have owned one through hot tubs for sale are eager to know about the maintenance and care tips for maintaining their hot tubs in a good condition for years to come. These maintenance tops will help them maintain their bathtubs while keeping the fear of bacteria or algae at bay.
The first thing and regular one too, which should be done is sanitizing the bath tub in the right manner through the use of chemicals. Bath tub owners should check the bathtub filter on a routine basis. The filter should be kept clean and dirt free as they are the place where all the junk is gathered daily.  In addition, PH balance of the bathtub should be checked. People should try and keep it around 7.4. This helps to control the skin irritations and allergies and prevents the growth of algae. Generally, people with sensitive skins and children are the victims of unusual PH balance.

Regular check of chemicals

The chemicals used to sanitize the hot tubs should be checked regularly. It is imperative not to used chlorine as the heat emitted from the bath tub evaporates the chlorine at a faster pace. Hence, chlorine is not present for long to keep the hot tub sanitizer. People generally use bromine to keep their hot tubs sanitised. The presence and amount of bromine can be checked through strips available or even through the test kit for the same. There are even other chemicals that are use for hot tub sanitization. They should be verified by the experts before using. It is necessary for users to check with the manufacturers regarding the chemical use and the particular results on their bathtub.

Read the manual carefully

Buyers often forget to read the hotspring world owners’ manual while purchasing the bath tub. There are various instructions mentioned on the manual, which should be followed diligently to keep the bath tub in good condition. People who own a bath tub should make sure that they check the hardness of calcium regularly, maybe once or twice a month if possible. The calcium hardness should be kept around 100 MG/I. This is because calcium has a tendency to coat the filter with usage, causing the formation of water lines if the hardness is not kept under control. For cleaning the bathtub, people should make use of mild cleaner and soft scrubber while removing the dirt that is built up. People often use the baking soda to clean the surface.

The Periodic Ritual

Owners of hotspring hot tubs should check the sanitizer levels, ph balance & other chemicals and their dose on a daily basis along with the cleaning the water line areas with a specialised cleaning paste. The hot tub should be oxidised with non chlorine chemicals weekly. The water clarifiers should be added for getting sparkling clean and fresh water. People can even control the foams and prevent excessive scaling by using anti foam and anti scale materials respectively on a weekly basis.

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