What Are The Different Styles Of House Number Plaques?

To beautify the exteriors of a house, to deck it, most people choose to adorn it with a house number plaque. These number plates often contain the address or at times the name of the building. The growing designers in this field are continuously coming up with new, unique designs of plaques which stand out; and grab the attention amidst a crowd of buildings. 

House plaques are important since they make it easier for people to find the building or the house, so while you are thinking of making your house look prominent from among all the others, check these different styles of house number plaques listed below:-

  • DIY- We have all heard the term DIY i.e. to do it yourself. If you are a creative person who loves to make things on your own, then you may try to make your own house number plate. You can get hold of a designer wooden plate, change it according to your liking, then above that you paste the address or a name whatever you prefer. You can search for ideas on Pinterest. But keep in mind to make it big and bold so that it catches the eyes of your guests from afar. You can place it on your door, or on the empty wall beside it under the door lamp. To make it look even better and prettier you may fix a tub of the plant alongside it.
  • Stone Tile house numbers- If you are a little old school then you may prefer a traditional number plaque for your house. Stone tile plates give out an air of the historical age. These plates are economic as well, crafted from textured marble.
  • Black Acrylic floating house numbers- Floating house plates grab attention from a distance. If placed upon a contrasting background as highly textured walls like brick walls and stone walls that way it is going to look extremely appealing.
  • Large cursive house numbers- These plates exhibit a classic feeling, contrasting with traditional home exteriors. Cursive plates small or big give out a chic appeal to the house. You can place these above your garage or doorway.
  • Ceramic decorative house numbers- Ceramic decorative plates have holes behind them to hang them on nails. Since they are beautifully handcrafted they appear to be attractive and they provide a sense of depth as well. But as they are handmade it is better to use a strong adhesive while attaching them where you choose. Keep in mind though that this adhesive is suitable for the surface you are using it on.
  • Engraved granite house plaques- These look elegant and are found in various colours- gold, silver, white, and copper. Choose the colour in contrast to the colour of the surface where you decide to put it.

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