All You Must To Know About Boiler Installation

If you are facing a lot of issues with your existing boiler, this might be the right time to install a new one. However, when it comes to the installation process, there is a lot for you to learn. In this article, we have listed the top things that you need to know about boiler installation.

What Are The Different Types Of Boilers?

There are different types of boiler installations in the market, and you can choose any one of them as the heating system for your home. The type of boiler installation in Essex you choose depends on your preferences and residential needs.

The Types Are:

  • Regular Boiler Installation- This is a traditional or heats only boiler installation which you can abundantly find in old residential properties. This one would give you a hot water cylinder and a cold storage tank. If you have a big traditional home, these boilers would be a great choice for you as it allows the hot water to run at once to different locations. However, they cannot handle high-pressure water.
  • System Boiler InstallationThis one also needs a hot water cylinder, but all its critical components are a part of the system. That is why system boiler installation in Essex is very easy and simple. Also, you would not need much space to install them.
  • Combi Boiler Installation- Also known as a combination boiler, it combines a central heating boiler with a high-efficiency water heater. This is a very compact model As no storage tanks are required, the water is drawn directly from the main lines.

What Is The Price Of The Boiler Installation?

One of the most abundant questions that might come to your mind before installing a new boiler, is its price. There is no simple one figure answer for this one, as the price of the installation truly depends on several factors, like:

  • The brand of the boiler
  • The variety of boiler installation you are choosing
  • Unit availability
  • The parts you need
  • The area where you live and more

How Long Does It Take For Boiler Fittings?

The fitting time of the boiler depends on the type of home you live in and also the type of boiler installation. For example, if you have an old combi boiler installed and you want to replace it with a new combi boiler, the whole process of fitting it would take around 3-6 hours.

Talk to a renowned boiler installation company to know the exact prices and the time needed for installation. Ensure that the installation is done following all the government guidelines. Also, talk to the company to get boilers that are highly energy efficient. Fix your budget and discuss the payment options with the company before the work starts for a hassle-free transaction.

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