Five Ways To Organise The Clutter In Your Bathroom

Why do bathrooms attract such an abundance of clutter? Perhaps it is inevitable that the room in which people pamper and preen themselves in order to create the illusion of perfection should require so much equipment.

Ideally, the bathroom should be a pleasant and relaxing space where you recharge, relax or unwind according to the time of day. Sadly, too many bathrooms are cluttered with unused and unwanted products spilling out over shelves and windowsills. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Spend a little time and money on sorting your bathroom clutter and make your bathroom the haven that it should be with these five simple steps.

Be Ruthless

Do you hang onto unwanted products because the packaging is pretty? Or even keep empty packaging for the same reason? If you’ve had it for more than a couple of weeks and haven’t found a use for it yet, the chances are that you never will, so harden your heart and get rid of anything which isn’t of immediate use. That includes old and worn toothbrushes, hairbrushes and combs with missing teeth.

Sort Like with Like

Now that you have a smaller pile of products, it’s time to sort through everything, keeping similar things together. So make a pile of hair products, face products, make-up, bath foams, gels and washes.

Create Dedicated Storage Areas

Even the tiniest bathroom can accommodate some form of storage, so spend time researching a solution which suits your needs. The most streamlined and minimalist solution is to find vanity units which fit in with the style of your bathroom suite. Designed to hold all your essential bathroom items behind closed doors and in drawers, these units come in a vast range of styles and colours, making them accessible to just about everyone. At the very least, a curtained-off area under the basin can hide a multitude of sins, presenting a clear and uncluttered space. Wall cabinets make use of dead space above a toilet, for example and the mirrored doors serve an additional useful function.


Pretty storage boxes are available in a range of colours, styles and finishes, so choose something that will easily withstand the heat and condensation of the bathroom environment. Boxes with lids can be stacked on top of each other and a lidded box keeps contents clean and dust-free.


Wicker and bamboo baskets never seem to go out of fashion and they offer a perennially stylish storage solution for a number of bathroom items. Try folding towels and then rolling them into fat sausage shapes and piling them into a large wicker basket for an eye-catching and practical display. Smaller baskets on a shelf or windowsill provide storage for hair accessories, cotton buds and medicines, keeping often-used items close to hand and easily accessible.

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