Should Buyers Sign Exclusive Agreements With An Agent?

Many real estate buyers’ agents tell sad stories with wishes of making their buyers signing contracts with brokers. This is because after hard labor, buyers often write their agreement with different agents.

Why Does This Happen?

Often, Property Search Agents are at fault for failing to disclose the details of these dealings with potential buyers. Often, agents work with prospective buyers for a couple of weeks or months. During this time, agents focus on linking shoppers to lenders and getting loan approval documents. They email available listings to buyers based on their prerequisites then liaise with the listing agents to weight availability. Then, they proceed to make appointments with both the sellers and buyers. While the former shows available homes, the agent drives prospective buyers amidst neighborhoods and they could visit 10 homes or more in a day.

In the course of these trips and programs, buyers often surprise agents with a shocking announcement of an end of their search because they already found their dream home and have signed the contract of purchase. Considering the occurrences, the announcement becomes a downfall for the agent because he failed to inform the buyer of the logistics involved in the transaction.

Finding A Buyer’s Agent

Friends, co-workers and family refer the best buyer’s agents to buyers. Unfortunately, when relocating to a new area, you will not enjoy this option because you will not have the time it takes to build contacts.

An immediate alternative becomes seeking for agents online. Unfortunately, agents with a bulk of listings for homes for sale are perfect for sellers rather than buyers.

Therefore, you should use specific keywords in your searches like “Downtown Denver Buyer’s Agent.” You can also opt for agents upholding national profiles like Active Rain or This way, you will find buyer brokerages who exclusively deal with buyers. You will notice that they do not make any listings!

Signing Exclusive Agreements

This subject often turns buyers and Property Search Agents off especially when it comes soon. A buyer must first trust the broker before signing the buyer’s broker agreement. Equally, the broker must ascertain that they are presenting a good deal to the buyer before receiving the agreement from an agent.

Often, buyers are suspicious of signing these contracts because of the risk of failure of the relationship. Signing also ties them to lousy agents. Hence, you should interview the agent and take other precautions to ease your anxiety.   

Specific Areas And Terms

These contracts feature a description of your desired property. When indecisive concerning regions or locations, you should specify your terms and places in the agreement. This way, you can deal with different agents from alternative areas or at varying terms. For instance, you can specify either your neighborhood or price. Later, if you opt for houses of alternative price limits or neighborhoods, you will select another agent who will show you homes of your desired requirements. Even so, your contract should highlight this kind of information.


It is vital for buyers to know that all agreements that they reach and sign against are between them and their brokers. Real estate contracts feature no room for the agent. Hence, they only bind the client and the broker. As a result, if you dislike your agent for whatever reason, you can always refer to the Real Estate Agent and go for a different agent.

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