What happens when I see a fallen tree in a public place?

fallen tree

Tree surgeons are required to fulfil a number of duties and to complete a number of tasks, both in commercial and domestic or private settings. For homeowners and site managers, a tree surgeon is an excellent person to have on speed dial should anything go wrong with the structure or stability of a tree on your grounds – or if you see the signs of disease setting into a tree structure on your property.

But what happens when you’re in a public place and you notice a fallen or damaged tree? This is where emergency tree services in Essex and beyond come in – attending the scene and taking the necessary steps to minimise the risk of immediate harm or injury, before working to remove the broken structure and resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Here’s what to do if you see a fallen tree out in public – and what the next steps involve for our tree surgery team.

What to do if you see a fallen tree

If you see a damaged, broken, or fallen tree while out in public, you should call the police and/or the local council – depending on the location of the tree and the severity of the issue.

Public space is the responsibility of the council in terms of maintenance and safety, with the police able to attend the scene and ensure that it is being carefully monitored with tape and any required barriers to keep the public safe.

The role of tree surgeons and how we react to fallen and broken trees

So, what actually happens when you report a fallen tree and what do emergency tree surgeons or professionals do to resolve the issue?

A thorough assessment is carried out on arrival at the site, whereby the experienced team of tree surgeons will determine the best steps to take to remove the damaged elements of the tree or fall it completely. If the tree is found to be obstructing or touching electrical overhead wires, then the right steps will need to be taken to minimise the chance of further damage. Similarly, if branches are weak or at risk of falling away from the main structure of the tree then these will need to be removed first before the main trunk can be felled.

Everything that tree surgeons do is carried out with the highest level of health and safety in mind. This involves the use of equipment and tools, and wearing PPE as well as ensuring that surrounding areas are safe.

What else do we offer as part of emergency tree service packages?

It’s not just fallen trees that emergency tree service packages cover. These services can also be used if members of the public or property owners are concerned about the debilitating health of a tree, the spread of disease in their outside space, uneven and unstable branches, or even a top-heavy tree in desperate need of crown reduction.

Trees can be dangerous when not cared for effectively and regularly. If you’re in any doubt about a tree on your property or in a public location, reach out to your local tree surgeons for advice.

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