Which Colour Is Best for Bathroom Tiles

There is nothing like tiles to add the ‘wow factor’ to a bathroom. If you are considering a fresh new look or want to add some value prior to putting your property on the market, a tiled bathroom offers a stylish look that will not date and is easy to keep clean.

With so many styles and colours on offer selecting the right tiles for your bathroom can be a daunting process. Although many people opt for white, there is a wealth of colours from which to choose from.

White tiles

White is the classic bathroom colour and an obvious choice if you are looking for a neutral look to make your home more desirable to buyers. White will always stand the test of time and will always be stylish. White also reflects light and will give the illusion of space, making it a good choice for smaller bathrooms. Adding bright accessories and splashes of colour will make the space more interesting.

Natural stone tiles

Modern bathroom tiles which have been cut from natural stone such as travertine, granite, slate, limestone and marble make a good option for people who like to enhance their living space with natural, sustainable materials. Natural stone forms over thousands of years and the earthy tones which run through it are created by mineral impurities. Colours come from nature’s own rich palette and no two tiles will ever be the same. Travertine tiles also have a natural ‘pitted’ finish which will combine with rich brown and red tones to complement a rustic, Tuscan style bathroom. Bear in mind that natural stone tends to be porous and will need to be treated before it can be used in the bathroom.

Hand painted tiles

Colourful or patterned tiles can be used to add interest to plain white tiled walls. Larger bathrooms will be able to take more colour so make a bold statement and cover an entire wall. Hand painted ceramic tiles make a fantastic alternative to pictures and prints and can be integrated with other tiles.

Mosaic tiles

Bathroom mosaics can be used to create a stunning feature and can be arranged above wash basins or on shower walls. Mosaic tiles come in a wide range of colours, although blue is the most popular choice for bathrooms.

With so many different varieties on offer selecting the right tiles for your bathroom takes careful consideration. Factors such as personal taste and cost will come into play and also whether you are decorating for your own benefit or in order to add value to your property. Plain white is always a good choice, particularly for smaller bathrooms and can be brightened up with colourful accessories or a hand painted tile. Natural stone, although more costly, offers a luxurious look which will be truly unique. Those with more daring tastes could even consider laying brightly coloured tiles over an entire wall.

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