How To Make Old Block Paved Driveways Look Brand New

block paving sealer

As summer gets into full swing, it brings a welcome wave of warm weather. However, many of us are still looking for ways to re-vamp and clean our homes and gardens following the effects of a wet and blustery winter season. If you are looking to make your old block paved driveway look brand new this month, just in time for the summer season, then here are a few tips and tricks.

Clean And Tidy The Area Before Undertaking Any Major Work

Before you begin with any type of garden or driveway maintenance, you should carefully clean and tidy the area. This will ensure that there is no debris or dangerous elements that may hinder your work. It is important to thoroughly sweep your block paved driveway before you begin. Not only will this give you a clean work surface to start from, but it will also allow you to see any damage or imperfections on your driveway. Move any planters, garden ornaments or garden furniture that may disrupt your access in any way. You could then use a pressure washer to remove any green moss or slippery algae.

Next, remove any weeds from in between the joints or around the perimeter of your driveway. This will give you better access to your driveway and will keep it clean and clear for the next steps.

Make Use Of Protective Products For Your Paved Areas

A good block paving sealer will help to ensure that your driveway is better protected from the elements throughout the year. By applying this type of protection to your block paved driveway, you are giving it the best possible chance at looking brand new for longer. A good paving sealer will help to protect from general wear and tear as well as stains, oil and regular use. The finished result will look as good as new!

Consider Daily Or Regular Maintenance To Keep Consistent Results

A great way to ensure that you have less work to complete when getting your garden and driveway ready for summer each year, is to make time for daily or weekly maintenance. Weeding, regular sweeping and general tidying up won’t take long at all. This will all add up and you’ll thank yourself when next summer arrives and you have far less work to do.

Add Some Garden Decor And Finishing Touches To Achieve The ‘wow’ Factor

Once you have swept, tidied and protected your block paved driveway with a good paving sealer, you can think about adding some finishing touches. Replacing old planters surrounding your driveway or adding fresh bedding plants into any nearby beds is a cheap and easy fix.

For the real ‘wow-factor’ try planting a herbaceous border or installing a water feature nearby. This will impress visitors and make for an exciting and enjoyable view from your window each day. There is no limit to how creative or extravagant you can get with your plans, so don’t be afraid to put your own stamp onto your driveway this summer!

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