Best Concrete Bollards To Use

Bollards are posts that come in a variety of materials and solve multiple purposes. You must have seen the short poles at the park entrances or on both ends of a busy street. Their job is to restrict the entry of anything other than pedestrians. These short poles are known as bollards, and you can find them at many private properties as well.

One of the most common types used by most people is concrete bollards. They are sturdy, durable and stay for a longer period of time. Before getting a detailed insight into the bollards made of concrete, you should know about the general purposes of the bollards.

Purpose Of Bollards

Traffic Control

The purpose of bollards that you see at the ends of a busy street is traffic control. Moreover, it solves a similar purpose at the park entrances as it restricts the entry of vehicles inside the park.

Aesthetics Of Your Property

It is another way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the property by furnishing it with bespoke bollards. You can get plenty of design options to choose from depending upon the look and feel of your property.

Visual Guide

These short poles serve as a visual guide for people walking by the streets. They clearly differentiate the pedestrian streets from the regular ones, and people can infer that by the placement of bollards.

Why Concrete Bollards Are Better

As we mentioned earlier, there are different materials that one can use to make bollards. One of the most trusted ones being concrete. The benefits of getting these bollards are:

  • They are sturdy! Needless to even mention that concrete bollards are sturdier than plastic ones. It can endure heavy impact and not get distorted or damaged easily.
  • It requires negligible to very little maintenance. Even though it doesn’t get affected by the factors like weather conditions, you may need to put a fresh layer of concrete over it every few years. This time is as long as a decade. Thus, the maintenance cost of these bollards is less.
  • Both the initial cost and the maintenance cost of these bollards are negligible. Thus, making it a cost-effective option altogether. It is an advantage like no other as budget is always a concern, and when you get quality along with that, nothing like it!
  • Unlike the competitive materials like steel and aluminium available in the market, concrete doesn’t get corroded by rains or other weather conditions. It serves as another factor why you should consider investing in bollards that are concrete.

In the end, it is fair to say that the bollards in concrete are the ideal choice. However, to enjoy all the perks, you should invest in superior quality products from a trusted seller. Do your research, explore all the options and choose the one after a thorough cost-benefit analysis.

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